I Care Cab Fare FAQ's

Q: If I Purchase Online, how do I get the card?

You can choose for us to mail it to you or you can pickup at Happy Cab's Corporate Office at 5440 L St Omaha, NE.

Q: Can I purchase a gift card with a dollar amount other than the amounts offered?

As of right now those five amounts will be the only ones offered online.

Q: When the 20% discount it offered, is it 20% off in the cab?

No, the discount is offered when you purchase the I Care Cab Fare gift card.

Q: Where can I purchase I Care Cab Care Cards?

Right now they are only available for purchase online or by stopping by our corporate office at 5440 L St Omaha.

Q: How to I check my available balance?

We are currently developing a new system allowing you to create your own login where you can check balances, receive email receipts upon use, and add funds.  Keep watch for this on our site as it will be available in 2016.

Q: If I've lost my card, how do i report it?

As stated on the back of the card "Lost, stolen, or damaged cards will not be replaced.

Q: Can I use the card in Council Bluffs or Lincoln?

Yes! Once you've purchased the card, you may use it with our cab companies in any city we operate in (Omaha Metro area, Council Bluffs, & Lincoln).

Q: What Cab Companies accept the I Care Cab Fare Gift Cards?

We Operate Happy Cab, Yellow Cab, Checker Cab, Cornhusker Cab, & Safeway Cab in Omaha Ne, Council Bluffs IA, and Lincoln NE.

Q: Does the Gift Card Expire?

You have ONE YEAR from the date of purchase to utilize the card.

Q: Is there a fee for using the card?

There is NO additional fee for using the card, traditional Credit & Debit Cards have a $3.00 Convenience fee, however our gift cards are Fee Free!.

Q: Can I include a TIP on the card when paying the driver for a trip?

YES you can include a TIP on the card transaction, the card basically works as a traditional credit card, so the balance can be used for the full payment.

Q: Can the Card be used by a different person than what was registered when purchased?

Yes the card can be used by anyone not just the person it is registered to.


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