Happy Cab switches to mobile tablet data terminals with navigation and in-car credit card processing.

Happy Cab's Leadership Team worked tirelessly to assist in developing a custom tablet application for drivers to use to manage orders.  This technology developed by Universal Tranware propelled our drivers to a more efficient and modern way of doing business by enabling turn-by-turn navigation on each trip.  This solution also included a more effective way of tracking and managing the entire fleet (Happy, Yellow, Checker, Cornhusker, and Safeway Cabs) to position ourselves in a way to offer faster service.  On top of all of that, we added in-car credit card processing with integrated Bluetooth meters that communicate with the drivers tablet and can offer receipt much like a traditional credit card terminal.

Happy Cab worked closely with Sarpy County's Sheriff's Department, Sac Federal Credit Union, and the Nebraska Highway Safety Commission, to produce a Gift Card that integrates into our dispatch system and works with our in-care Credit Card Processing.  This solution was initially offered to customers with additional bonus dollars contributed from Grant.  The Card is still sold today at each SAC Federal Credit Union Location, and on our web site at http://happycab.com/icare.