Happy Cab Omaha moves into a New Facility, also Develops custom smartphone app.

With the efficiency of our staff and properly managed growth, we were able to move our office into a facility that included a custom layout for our staff to position them best to succeed.  We were able to organize our staff groups to communicate better, thus increasing our efficiency amongst the groups.  This also included bringing our Mechanic and Body Shops closer together positioning our fleet management better.

With the move we also stepped up our technology by boosting our communication services from our local provider.  We were also able to develop a customized smartphone app for consumers to place orders and communicate without the need to make a phone call.

Rachel Wade has taken over our Lincoln Operation bringing her in depth knowledge as our call center manager.  She brings the sense of urgency needed to run an efficient Call Center and developmental skills she has managing a staff to boost our business even more.

Happy Cab has converted over 50 vehicles to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which was the initial plan, but is not continuing to convert more of the fleet thus being a cornerstone in the CNG Fleet market and taxi businesses.