Thank you for making my weekend safe. first time getting a taxi in lincoln even though its my home town, and the driver was amazing and quick to arrive. thank you

Misty Griggs

Love that you're in Lincoln, I rode twice last night (Friday) and loved the service, great cars great drivers, and GREAT price. I'll be a regular and so so very happy with the drivers and service. Thank you is not enough, Top shelf service and always a pleasure to ride with Happy Cab. I'd leave my drivers names but then I'd have to well... you know. just saying I love my drivers, thank you Happy Cab. (you know who you are).

James Ashley

I've used these guys several times, have always had great drivers and super cheap too!  Kudos for being my ticket home!

Corey Potts

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the professionalism of your drivers.  I took four rides last week with your drivers while I was in town on business, surprisingly I wasn't gripping my seat belt like I do in other city's when I use a taxi.  Thanks for being more concerned with my comfort rather than your time!

Jerry S.