Taxi Rates

What does it cost?

Our Rates are the same in both Lincoln and Omaha.  There are three different rates approved by the Nebraska Public Service Commission (NPSC).  You can visit their web site for more details on their taxi regulations (  Rate 1, Designed for the general public traveling inside city limits.  Rate 2, Designed for Senior Citizens traveling inside or outside city limits.  Rate 3, Designed for the general public traveling outside the city limits. 


  • RATE 1: $2.31/mi (General public)
    (trips first 1/6th mile, and every 1/11 mile after)

  • RATE 2: $1.68/mi (Senior Citizen)
    (trips first 1/6th mile, and every 1/8th mile after)

  • RATE 3: $2.25/mi (Out of Town)
    (trips every one mile)

  • HOURLY: $35.00/hr (2 hour minimum, In-Town only)
    (vans and town cars available upon request)

  • WAIT TIME: $0.45/min
    (If you choose to have your driver wait while you stop)

In addition to the mileage rate there is a one time $2.95 'Load Fee' once you enter a cab and begin your trip.  Credit Card processing is available in the vehicle and will be assessed a $3.00 convenience fee.  We do offer Prepaid or Gift Cards which are exempt from the $3.00 convenience fee, they are available online at our I Care Cab Fare page.  In the event that fuel prices exceed $4.00 per gallon a small additional 'fuel surcharge' will apply, this amount can be found on the NPSC's web site.

We also offer Flat Rates to and from Hotels to the Airport in Omaha.  These rates are designed to be the shortest mileage possible (not always the fastest), and with no stops they are guaranteed.  Click here for Details.

We pride ourselves in offering great rates along with great customer service.  We hold our vehicles to a high standard above any requirement from the NPSC.  All vehicles complete monthly inspections to ensure our fleet is as safe as possible.  We also require our drivers to complete a DOT physical and undergo complete background checks.  We pride ourselves in offering the best coverage in Omaha with our fleets and take great pride in offering every trip at the best price.